VISIONARY FICTION: 2012 The Awakening ................................. "What a gift!" -- Deepak Chopra ... BEST FICTION of the YEAR Award winner! [For details "click product," then scroll down]

VISIONARY FICTION: 2012 The Awakening

SMARTaichi Tai Chi and Qigong presenter, and best-selling tai chi author, Bill Douglas, is also an award winning novelist. His fiction and inspiration books flow with the same life energy, compassion, and expansive consciousness as his best-selling and globally acclaimed tai chi and qigong books.

Bill's novel, "2012 The Awakening," won BEST FICTION OF THE YEAR AWARD from Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine, and has a Tai Chi Meditation Master at the center of this nail-biting consciousness expanding thriller.

"What a gift ..."
-- Deepak Chopra on "2012 The Awakening"


"Bill Douglas is one of the most remarkable writers of our generation ... on a par with Charles Dickens."
-- David W. Menefee Review: Pulitzer nominated American author


SYNOPSIS OF "2012 The Awakening" ...

"Riveting...a must..." - Midwest Book Review; "Best Fiction of the Year" - Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine; "What a gift!" - Deepak Chopra. Famed actor, Holmes Osborne (The Box, ER, Boston Legal, The X Files), wrote: 'With the suspense of a "Da Vinci Code," the spiritual awareness of "The Secret," and the fearsome aspect of Orwell's "1984,"' 2012 The Awakening will make a great film!"

A global human awakening shakes the foundations of powers that have ruled the world for eons. The heroes' struggle to envision a new way of being will determine their survival. Can they? Can we? An unlikely bookish heroine, a burnt out Naval Intelligence officer, and a deadly covert operations professional's lives become entwined in this spellbinding thriller - unraveling threads of the ancient beginnings of human consciousness. Their struggle reflects that of every human being on the planet today.

Current global issues are woven elegantly into a timeless saga that draws upon ancient texts and human history, aboriginal, Eastern and Western religious scriptures, and cutting edge scientific insights into the mechanism of human consciousness. Blending history, science, socio-politics, and transcendental spirituality, this cutting edge tale of vision and intrigue will leave you breathless, riveted, and reeling.

NY Times best selling novelist, Steve Alten, wrote "2012 The Awakening . . . should be required reading for everyone on Wall Street and Capitol Hill." Yet what has captivated preview readers is '2012 The Awakening's' broad vision of what may be possible for humanity - if we choose that path. Former Time Magazine Person of the Year, Coleen Rowley, called '2012 The Awakening' "visionary." Jill Dutton, editor of Evolving Magazine, wrote, "Bill Douglas is a true visionary."



"RIVETING! 2012 The Awakening unveils a powerful vision of hope. What an incredible journey Bill Douglas takes us on in his novel 2012 The Awakening.

With the suspense of a Da Vinci Code, the spiritual awareness of The Secret, and the fearsome aspect of Orwell's 1984, 2012 The Awakening will keep you thinking about it long after you've put it down.

What a terrific film this book will make!
--Holmes Osborne, Actor: The Box; That Thing You Do!; The Quiet American; Crazy in Alabama; Windtalkers; ER; Boston Legal; The X Files


"In his debut novel, 2012 The Awakening, Bill Douglas tackles the 2012 prophecy with a sobering yet uplifting story that should be required reading for everyone on Wall Street and Capitol Hill." 
--Steve Alten, New York Times Best-selling Author of MEG and DOMAIN


"Whereas the Left Behind series well exemplified the power of the use of fear- and pride-based imagination to effectively manipulate people, constructive visionary Bill Douglas understands that there could be an antidote. Dreaming of it may just be the first step to a real "Awakening"!
--Coleen Rowley, former FBI Agent-Minneapolis Division Counsel and one of TIME Magazine's "Whistleblower" Persons of the Year, 2002


"With amazing grace and clarity, Bill Douglas offers a glimpse of potential reality mixed with hope for a better future. His prolific tale reveals the answer to humanity's quandary and provides the possibility of awakening to a brighter way of living.

Bill Douglas is a true visionary."
--Jill Dutton, Publisher of Evolving: A Guide for Conscious Living, Author of The Joyous Journey: Living Life on Purpose, with Purpose


"2012 The Awakening selected as the Best Novel of 2010
--Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine

"What a gift it is to see fictional entertainment tackling the large issues of humanity!"
--Deepak Chopra, Author, The Ultimate Happiness Prescription


"Mind blowing! ... "[2012 The Awakening] is a great story ... The character development was also very well done, and there are several of them to follow ... We usually reserve our top scores for groundbreaking, unusual or original material ... "2012: The Awakening" ... It's not only an excellent story, but a wake up call. The Enlightenment Dudes give this book a 10 out of 10."
--Enlightenment Dudes Book Reviews


"RIVETING! 2012 The Awakening unveils a powerful vision of hope ... With the suspense of a Da Vinci Code, the spiritual awareness of The Secret, and the fearsome aspect of Orwell's 1984, 2012 The Awakening will keep you thinking about it long after you've put it down. What a terrific film this book will make!"
--Holmes Osborne, Actor: The Box; The Quiet American; Windtalkers; ER; Boston Legal; The X Files

"Should be required reading for everyone on Wall Street and Capitol Hill."
--Steve Alten, New York Times Best-selling Author of MEG and DOMAIN





READER REVIEWS of "2012 The Awakening" ...

5.0 out of 5 stars
action/adventure inspiration for the soul!
By The Pastor

I found this novel as fast-paced as it is thought-provoking, as entertaining as it is inspirational. The way the characters are portrayed in the story really draw you in, I came to relate intensely to each of them in different ways. It was not only a great story from start to finish, it also left me reflecting on some of the challenges which face the planet today. It is a timely and timeless message all at the same time!



4.0 out of 5 stars
Inspirational, thought-provoking
By B. Rogerson

This book got four stars, rather than five, from me, as an acknowledgement that, from a writing point of view, there are some rough spots in it. But if you can accept those, as I did, you're in for a thought-provoking ride, that calls into question some of western society's dearly-held beliefs. Some of these I have been questioning for 20 years, now, but not as skillfully as Bill has presented it here.

The characters are, from a technical standpoint, the outstanding feature of the writing. They are real enough to almost jump off the page, shake your hand, and engage you in conversation. This makes the plot so much more real, as it is all about what it is to be human. The richness of the characterization make this exploration so real and persuasive. I know that Bill was really trying to, at least in part, get these questions asked in a way that made us believe that the questions are important, and I believe he did that in spades.

Finally, it's a romping-good story. You care about the characters, you want to see "what happens next," and that's what makes a page-turner. So enjoy, and take as much of the richer meat as you feel inclined to.



5.0 out of 5 stars
A must read for the planet
By Chants for Change

This is the most exciting book I have ever read. The story draws you in and it's extremely difficult to put the book down, like The Da Vinci Code on steroids. Bill addresses issues that are crucial to our time, like the future of the planet. If you want an engrossing, stellar read with deep insights, this is the book for you. If you know people who read that you really care about, this is the book for them.



5.0 out of 5 stars
Wonderful Spiritual Thriller
By Linda G.

I have just recently finished reading "2012 The Awakening" by Bill Douglas. It is a wonderful book! The plot is exciting, & the storyline holds your interest, very well. I found the book hard to put down. It is especialy interesting to me, because I practice tai chi, & qigong, but the books message, & the suspenseful plot, will appeal to all readers. It is exciting, just as a good read, but also is an uplifting novel, meant to encourage all of us to save our planet. I highly recommend it, to all readers!



5.0 out of 5 stars
A Gift for All
By Carol Liane Brouilleton

I am a busy woman and don't have time for fun novels- too many serious books to review, documentaries to watch, speeches/press releases to write. However, sometimes the Universe conspires in mysterious ways to get our attention. My family gone today for the first time this year, and the novel 2012 The Awakening arrives in my mailbox. I only meant to check-out the first few pages, but I am enthralled by the novel whose themes echo my own path, journey, struggles in this lifetime, and I can't put it down until I've read the whole thing.

If you've seen the film- Inception which includes dreams within dreams within dreams, then you might appreciate that there are stories within stories, within stories, that Life is often times stranger and more miraculous than anything that fiction writers can come up with. This book is in some ways a miracle, a portal into dreams, visions, possibilities, as well as the nightmares that people do not want to look at or experience, our greatest fears.

I don't want to give away the plot, but I will say that Bill Douglas is a real person, a heroic guy, who walked into my life many years ago, along with his wife, to perform some miraculous work, vitally needed at the time, and I have the deepest respect for him. He is a truth seeker and has discovered some truths which may rock the foundations of governments and corporations, but he has also discovered some cures for what ails individuals, society, humanity, and has offered his vision, dream, insights, which could very well have been channeled from higher sources, to those of us struggling in this physical world with the psyops and propaganda that has mesmerized and decapacitated so many people for so long.

The novel is an antidote, drug free, to engage critical minds, imagination, your own inner voice, to give greater attention to your own belief system, your own consciousness, your own innate power. We are not helpless; we can do miraculous things; we have a wealth of experience, insights to draw from. Part truth, part fiction, it is a story that engages, edifies, inspires and a gift to those who find, make, take the time to read it. It is worth every moment, no matter how demanding your life may be. In fact the more demanding your life is, the more you are likely to gain insight, inspiration, and inner peace from reading it.



5.0 out of 5 stars
Diane Gold's Review
By Diane Gold

What a refreshing combination of suspense and sense, and in my favorite genre, political drama. I knew it was one of the good ones when I was on the edge of my seat throughout the read.

Douglas makes a good argument for how changing ourselves can change the world, without preaching or catering to any one niche of people. This book is appealing to all kinds of thinkers, any ethnicity or political persuasion. His characters use cunning, ethics, creativity and commitment to escape the villains in pursuit of rubbing out the leader of a new idea.

Douglas shows how easily hesitation or doubt can alter the face of history for generations. His original, electrifying plot takes us in and out of rather intricate mazes of human circumstance, while riveting our attention to what will happen when the characters turn the corner.

His main character, Ravi, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics, speaking at one of New York City's prestigious speaking clubs, changes the subject of her speech from Economics to changing ourselves. She becomes an instant icon for the people. The governmental organization that monitors national security considers her a threat and goes after her. The novel takes us on a dramatic journey of good versus evil, selfish versus selfless actions, all the while keeping the reader delighted. A great read with lasting meaning, I recommend that you get this book and read it for a super adventure in 2012.




5.0 out of 5 stars
Action Adventure and More
By Julianne

Douglas' first novel is a an action adventure, but so much more than that. I fell in love with the characters and didn't want to say goodbye to them when the novel ended. The plot was tightly woven with deep spiritual truths. There was so much humor and love throughout, I was laughing through my...I won't say tears, exactly - well, maybe a few - but how about, "my deeply felt emotional connection." And as if all that weren't enough, his vision for humanity gave me hope that all is not lost. Not only worth reading; it's worth rereading, savoring, and sharing.



5.0 out of 5 stars
2012 The Awakening
By Janet Florence McCormack, M.Ed.

For years I've been waiting for humanity to produce edutaining visions of a non-utopian world at peace. Bill Douglas's novel 2012 The Awakening is a fresh approach that reads like an action/adventure movie. Packed with thought provoking 21st century information, his story is therapeutic reading for anyone overwhelmed by doom and gloom. Bill offers us an imaginative, yet potentially possible alternative. 2012 The Awakening



5.0 out of 5 stars
With 2012 drawing ever closer, people are in a bigger hurry to find the truth than ever before
By Midwest Book Review

With 2012 drawing ever closer, people are in a bigger hurry to find the truth than ever before. "2012 The Awakening" is a novel that focuses on the rush towards the date that discusses what the earth on a collision course with as the major faiths and philosophy of the world speaks their own prophecies, each coming true in their own way. Riveting metaphysical fiction, "2012 the Awakening" is a must for 2012 phenomena fans.



5.0 out of 5 stars
By Mary Don

Each chapter is a true 'come-on' to continue to read as it keeps getting in deeper and more exciting as to what's next- both in life and how the world has changed or possibly could change, exciting enough so that I read too fast; and now I want to re-read the Awakenaing 2012 to see what I missed the first time - and make it truly enjoyable

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