CD-Audio - Qigong [Meditation] for CHILDREN'S Health & Relaxation [For details "click product," then scroll down]

CD-Audio - Qigong for Children's Health & Relaxation

This Qigong Meditation Program for Children was created by Tai Chi and Qigong master, Bill Douglas, through his work through the University of Missouri program for developmentally disabled students, and through his work at Kid's University program. His Sitting Qigong programs have been used by tens of thousands of people worldwide, and adult users have enjoyed dramatically reduced stress levels, ehanced creativity, lowering of high blood pressure, and improvement of many life and health challenges. [Recommended for children 4 through 10, but each child is different, so this may be fun and beneficial to children of other ages, as well as adults or parents sharing this CD experience with them.]

"Make this a fun nap time, or bed time adventure of the mind. Don't force it, just play at it. The more of a game this is that you share with them, the more benefit the child will gain from this mind body experience, which can change their lives in time, giving them a self awareness that can expand through their lifetime. I first started creating this when my own children were young, and I was beginning my own Tai Chi and Qigong journey as a young man, and in later years I evolved this through my teaching in a program for developmentally disabled students through the University of Missouri, and also through the Kid's University program I taught for. I have taught meditation in public and private schools for elementary and high school classes.

I only played at meditation with my children when they were young, and eventually enrolled them in a meditation class for kids. I just got a call the other day from my now adult 30 something daughter, who is now a mother and a landscape architect, and she told me that she had begun meditating when her job stress increased, and it was a great blessing to have been exposed to meditation as a child."
-- Bill Douglas 

SMARTaichi Presenter in this CD, Bill Douglas, has taught his programs in many of the world's largest corporations, and through some of the world's largest health networks. He is the author of a best-selling Tai Chi and Qigong book, and was the "2009 Inductee to the World Internal Arts Hall of Fame in New York." He received the "Extraordinary Service in the Field of Qigong Award" from the National Qigong Association, and top honors from the World Congress on Qigong, and the US Tai Chi Chuan Federation in Los Angeles.

He is the Official Tai Chi Expert for famed naturopath and best selling author, Dr. Andrew Weil's websites, and has been a Tai Chi and Qigong source for major media worldwide, including: The New York Times; Wall Street Journal; WebMD; Reader's Digest; BBC World Radio; the South China Morning Post; and China's Xinhua News Agency. His Tai Chi and Qigong book was recommended by American Airlines American Way Inflight Magazine; his acclaimed Tai Chi & Qigong DVD was called an "excellent introduction" to these ancient arts by America's premiere library journal, Booklist Magazine; and he was commissioned by Prevention Magazine to create their Tai Chi Tutorial for their article on boosting your immune system with Tai Chi.

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