4 hour DVD-Anthology of T'ai Chi & Qigong [CIG to Tai Chi & Qigong READER'S DISCOUNT]

4 hour DVD-Anthology of T'ai Chi & Qigong [CIG Discount]

THIS DISCOUNT IS "ONLY" AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO HAVE PURCHASED "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi & Qigong" BOOK (4th edition)


DVD - Anthology of Tai Chi & Qigong: Prescription for the Future ... ONE OF THE MOST HIGHLY RATED TAI CHI DVDS IN THE WORLD!
This DVD has been world acclaimed as "Easy to grasp, user-friendly, and life-changing." Even teachers of other styles of Tai Chi have used this as a model for making their teaching more-user friendly and effective.

DVD offers: Sitting Qigong, or Nei Gong, meditation practice Moving Qigong meditation Long Form Tai Chi Instruction ... easy lessons for each movement, with practice sessions to show you how they all fit together

DVD has 4 hours of short digestible easy to follow lessons of class-like instruction in real time, just like being in a live class with the author.

This amazing program has changed the lives of people in Bill's hospital and public classes.
Why is it 4 hours long? Do you need to do 4 hours of Tai Chi? NO!
The reason it is 4 hours long is because it is the equivelent of being in months of Bill's live Tai Chi and Qigong classes, so you could enjoy the life changing benefits of this proven effective, user-friendly Tai Chi meditation program, and enjoy the benefits his students get in his live public and hospital classes. YOU GET THE MOVEMENT INSTRUCTIONS IN "SHORT EASY" LESSONS ... that you practice over a period of days, before moving on to the next one, just like in his live classes.

This acclaimed DVD has been called "THE BEST!" by users worldwide, and was called "an excellent introduction" by America's premiere library journal "Booklist Magazine."

This DVD's presenter is the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi & Qigong," who was chosen as the 2009 Inductee to the World Internal Arts Hall of Fame in New York; and who has received TOP HONORS from the World Congress on Qigong; the National Qigong Association; and the US Tai Chi Chuan Federation; as well as from the President of the Cultural Council of the Cultural Association of Brazil-China in Brasilia, Brazil. Bill has been a Tai Chi source for major media worldwide, including: The New York Times; Wall Street Journal; BBC World Radio; WebMD; Reader's Digest; South China Morning Post; China's Xinhua News Agency; and he was commissioned by Prevention Magazine to create their Tai Chi Tutorial. His best-selling Tai Chi book was recommended by American Airlines American Way Inflight Magazine.

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Just a few of the glowing reviews ...

"When I decided to learn Tai Chi, I purchased every Tai Chi DVD in the video store, and Bill's DVD was by far the best, easiest to follow, and most effective."
-- H.B., Hong Kong

"The BEST!!!!!!"
-- E. Young, California

"A must have for stressed people. Thanks Bill for being the guide."
-- Johan Pyfferoen, Veurne, Belgium

"Your videos are the best Tai chi videos I've seen ... easy to follow."
-- Francesca Sato, Rome, Italy

"If you want clear instruction, a knowledgable instructor, and a great product get this DVD!"
-- Arthur L. Fleschner, Philadelphia, PA

"Living an extremely unhealthy life style & taking numerous medications for arthritis, depression, and pain . . . then one day while browsing in the library I discovered a book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi and QiGong. I was so impressed that I ordered Bill's videos [Anthology of T'ai Chi & Qigong: The Prescription for the Future]. Now that I am practicing T'ai Chi and QiGong daily I am off most of my medications. People keep telling me I look "different" and that I look happy. Well, I am happy and I feel great! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 
-- Dave Long, Washington

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